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Interior Painting

Tru Elegance Panting LLC has a variety of  custom interior painting services, ensuring a smooth, seamless and professional painting experience. Whether you have a high ceiling foyer that needs painting or if you want to just freshen up a small bathroom, we are here to assist you with our professional touch and eye for detail.

Our Interior Painting Process

Set Up

We start buy moving all your furniture and other room decor into the center of the room and covering it with clean plastics. We also place tarps over entire floor. This ensures that all your personal items stay free of dust and paint.


We then continue into all the necessary prep work for painting. Caulking of cracks and spackling of small holes is all done prior to painting the walls. We prime as necessary and scuff sand all walls to ensure maximum paint adhesion and a smooth wall finish. 


We pride ourselves in using the highest quality paints from Sherwin Williams. We apply all paints according to manufacture specifications to insure proper warranty. We apply most interior paints in a two coat process to to insure proper sheen production and coverage.


Tru Elegance Painting LLC tries to leave your house cleaner then when we arrived. This includes picking up trash, vacuuming, dusting off counters, etc.


Before Interior Painting Tru Elegance Painting


Completed Interior Painting
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