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Deck Staining and Sealing

Decks are subject to all types of weather--heat, snow, wind, rain, all of which an lead to premature aging and damage to your deck. Depending what area you live in we recommend sealing your deck every 1-3 years. Whether your deck is pealing, discolored or just needs a simple sealing we are hear to help.

Our Deck Staining and Sealing Process

Deck Staining and Sealing

Cleaning and Prepping

We start out cleaning the deck using a cleaner to remove any dirt, stains, or mildew. Depending on the condition of the deck we use a chemical stripper to remove any previous stain allowing us to start on a clean surface We then use a pressure washer to wash the deck and establish a clean surface for the sealer to be applied to. Finally, we sand all our decks before staining to ensure optimal stain adhesion and a smooth deck floor. 


We use only the highest quality stains on the market to give you the ultimate finish on your deck. You can choose from a clear, transparent, semi-transparent and solid stain coating. The color range is endless and we can also do custom matched stains. After insuring the moisture content in your deck is low enough, we begin staining. We have a range of application methods including: rolling, brushing, wiping, and spraying. Application methods vary on your desired finish look and the product we are applying. We cover all plants, sidewalks, patio furniture, or any surrounding surfaces to insure they stay clean. Once completed your deck should be ready to use within 24 to 48 hours. 

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